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Fic Masterlist (updated 10/16/2011)

Fic Masterlist (updated 10/16/2011)
HEA-Verse, Post-NFA:

The majority of my fics take place in one cohesive post-NFA verse (technically some of them are actually post-“Chosen” or during AtS S5; by ‘post-NFA’ I mean nothing is AU and all fics can fit into canon). It’s not necessary to read them in order. If you do read through, you'll notice that there are chunks of the timeline missing. All of these chunks exist in my head, and hopefully most of them will get written at some point or another. I’ve put a few descriptions of said chunks below where they fit in the timeline.

2003, Post-“Chosen”:
Can We Rest Now?
When the gravity of Spike’s death hits Buffy a few hours after “Chosen,” she goes to Willow for comfort and ponders exactly what she meant when she said those three little words. One-shot, 5300 words.  PG-13.

He Always Came Back
Someone reflects on Spike.  600 words.  G.

For the prompt "Snow" at sb_fag_ends .  1,000 words.  G.
Also available in French, thanks to the lovely misskittydu34 : Immortalise

May 2004 AKA The Reunion
-Buffy has a slayer dream about Angel’s Kamikaze plan. She, the Scoobies, and a bunch of slayers flew to LA and help stop the apocalypse.
-As a reward for destroying the LA W&H, the PTB offer each surviving member of AI a life, with the condition that neither vampire can choose himself. The PTB save Gunn from dying. Angel chooses to bring Cordelia back to life. After seeing the Scoobies and learning of Anya’s death, Spike chooses Anya. Illyria does not ‘get a life’ b/c as an Old One, she and the PTB don’t get along.
-Buffy is furious and hurt that Spike never told her he was alive (Andrew did indeed keep the secret). Her fury escalates, and she and Spike end up saying a lot of mean, hurtful things to each other. He’s ready to stay in LA with Angel (much to Angel’s displeasure), but Dawn forces him to come to London. While he teaches at the Slayer Academy, he and Buffy slowly work their way back toward friendship. They begin dating officially in October 2004.

Who’s the Sexiest Couple in the Scoobies? Buffy and Anya get into an unconventional battle of wills at dinner.  One-shot, 1,400 words.  PG-13.  N.B. Oz is currently in this fic b/c I had not finished making up the timeline in my head when I wrote it.  I may write a revised Oz-less version in the future.

Learning Curve:
Spike learns a new meaning of the word 'torture.'  170 words.  PG-13.

Early 2005
-Oz shows up in London and reconnects with Willow. After several intermittent flings, they get together officially.

Summer 2005:
-New Sunnydale has been rebuilt but is no longer a Hellmouth. Buffy and co. have been feeling homesick for California, so they move to New Sunnydale and set up a second, U.S. based Slayer Academy.

Show, Don’t Tell
Anya wants to know why she never sees Spike’s bite marks on Buffy’s neck. Buffy wants to know why Spike never asked her to do anything of the sort.
A five part, 25,000-word, most definitely R-rated fic for seasonal_spuffy Round 12, Spring 2011.

His and Hers
A not-quite-a-drabble.  G.

Little Bit Lower
Buffy is grumpy. Spike tries to help. 500 words.  PG-13.

Laboring Under Different Assumptions
My first bona fide drabbles!  Willow, Buffy, and Anya react different to a certain situation.  3 drabbles, 100 words each.  G.

Maybe This Time
Cordelia makes a choice.  730 words.  G.

Finding Pires
Buffy and Spike's three-year-old daughter Aly is on a mission after discovering that Uncle Angel is a vampire.  1,000 words.  G.

In Progress
Far in the future, Buffy contemplates past jealousies and why she no longer feels them.  One-shot, 2,500 words.  PG.

Spuffy vs. the Zombie
For the prompt "Vampires vs. Zombies" at sb_fag_ends .  500 words.  G.

Here is a list of fics that fit into canon in the series:

Five Seconds
For the prompt "lust" at sb_fag_ends .  500 words.  PG-13.

Drusilla isn't used to this particular deadly sin.  For the prompt "envy" at sb_fag_ends .  1,000 words.  PG-13.

(A Different Kind of) Smashed
For the prompt "Lock of Hair" at sb_fag_ends .  500 words.  PG-13.

Set during "Him."  900 words.  PG-13.

Post-"Potential" ficlet, 500 words.  G.

I Would Have Kissed You
Set in between "Never Leave Me" and "Showtime."  1,000 words.  PG-13.

Here is a long, multi-part fic:

What if Spike hadn’t died in “Chosen”? How would their relationship have reached its natural conclusion/consummation?  24,000 words, four parts.  Mostly PG-13 with a little R at the end.

Here are fics based on the comics:

For Want of a Back Porch
S8 fic: Buffy used to worry that she couldn’t love. After Twilight, she's afraid to love. But can she and Spike just be friends? Buffy, Spike, and their balcony, with a side of Dawn and Xander. 21,000 words, four parts, and one alternate ending.  PG-13.  NB: This was written after S8 finished but before any information about S9 was released.

S9 fic inspired by the preview pages for #1, "Freefall," which showed Spike arriving, invited, to a party at Buffy's new apartment.  Buffy was flirty with him, and it made my shipper heart quiver in delight.  3,100 words.  PG-13.  NB: This was written after the preview pages for #1 were released but before the actual issue itself was.

Firmer Ground
S9 fic directly following #1, "Freefall": In an attempt to allay some of her worries about the previous night and fill in the gaps in her memory, Buffy asks Spike an awkward question.  4,200 words.  PG-13.  NB: This was written after #1 was released but before any preview pages for #2 were released.

Here is an AU-verse in which Spike was cursed by the Gypsies instead of Angel:

Mixed Feelings
Begins during "Surprise"/"Innocence."  1,000 words.  PG-13.

More to come.

Here are several random ficlets:

Crystal Clear
With bad timing of epic proportion, Buffy waits until Angel and Cordy have gotten together before asking Spike to go back to Rome with her.  This is a snippet of one of many argument in a possible post-NFA reunion fic.  This particular argument probably wouldn't happen in my official post-NFA verse, which is why it's down here.  950 words.  G.

Once Upon A Land Before Time (or the Chosen Triceratops and her Obnoxious T-Rex)
There is no summary.  1,000 words.  G.

Darla & Buffy not-quite-drabbles
Based on the prompt: What secret is Buffy keeping from Darla?  What secret is Darla keeping from Buffy?

And here is my sole meta:

What Spike's Soul Means to Me
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