Alexandra (gryfndor_godess) wrote,

Bela/Dean NSFW Headcanon Meme

A NSFW headcanon meme is going around Tumblr, and it instantly made me think of Bela and Dean, and since I definitely have opinions, I figured why the hell not do it.  It was a very fun break from noveling.

+ Who usually initiates: They initiate sex pretty equally.  Dean initiates more at night in the bedroom, but Bela initiates a lot of their quickies during the day, when in public, etc.

+ Are they into body worshiping: Dean is very into worshiping Bela’s body.

+ Do they often have quickies: Yesss.  Dean’s fellow mechanics at the garage are well aware of what he’s up to if they see Bela drive up and “borrow him” for a few minutes.  If they can’t physically be together and she’s feeling horny, Bela will sext him.

+ Do they orgasm multiple times: Dean prides himself on being able to give her multiple orgasms during oral and feels like a failure if he doesn’t.

+ Have/Will they ever do it in public places: Yes, much to Sam’s annoyance.  Airplane bathrooms, in the Impala in parking garages, fancy dress parties they’re crashing as part of a case…He just can’t take them anywhere anymore!

+ Who is the better lapdancer: Neither of them is particularly good at it, but Bela’s more sensual and will occasionally attempt a lapdance if she’s feeling generous.

+ Are they into roleplay: It didn’t start out as a huge kink, but they’ve found they really enjoy it, starting with the Catwoman and Batman costumes they wore their first Halloween together.  They occasionally play generic cat burglar and cop (switching off who plays what), but what they really get off on is hearkening back to their early days and role playing themselves- it doesn’t take much imagination for “you left without your tip” to end very differently this time around (not to mention the possibilities with "Hand of Glory").  After many jokes and hints on Dean’s part, Bela surprises him on his birthday by wearing a slave!Leia costume; however, it’s not long before the collar with the chain is around his neck instead of hers.

+ Are they into BDSM: They’re not into BDSM proper (Dean's okay with being handcuffed but Bela's not comfortable with bondage after her time in Hell), but Dean is definitely turned on when Bela orders him around, and they’ve thrown the words “Mistress” and “good boy” around a few times.  On fancy date nights when he lets her dress him up, he’s not allowed to undress himself when they get home- only Bela is allowed to take off his tux.

+ Do they text dirty messages to each other: All the time.  Bela mostly initiates.

+ Who is into nipple play: Dean loves lavishing attention on her breasts, and Bela’s quite happy to let him.  He squirms and acts ticklish whenever she licks his nipples.

+ Do they like using toys in their sexual activities: Not a lot, although they do have a remote control butterfly vibrator they’re quite fond of.  Sometimes Bela wears it when they’re hosting dinner for family and friends.  It’s the only time Dean is really in control.

+ Who is the best at oral: Dean.

+ Would you consider their sex lives healthy: Definitely.
Tags: bela talbot, dean winchester, dean/bela, meme, supernatural

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