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Galavant (a Musical Comedy Extravaganza!) premiered tonight on ABC, and I've been looking forward to it for literally MONTHS, and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.


Basic Premise: Galavant is the most famous knight in the land, beloved and revered by all.  Madalena is his lady love.  The evil King Richard sees her beauty and decides he must have her.  His henchmen kidnap her.  DUH DUH DUH.

Reasons Why You Should Watch:

+ THE MUSIC IS WITTY AND CATCHY AND ALL AROUND AMAZING (e.g., there's a song called "Maybe You're Not The Worst Thing Ever").  THE LYRICS ARE HILARIOUS.  AND they're PG13.  This is Disney for adults!  :DDD  Alan Menken is the composer (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, among others), and Glenn Slater is the lyricist (Tangled), so that should give you an idea of just how amazing the music is.  It's the kind of music that I instantly wanted to put in the effort to memorize and sing all the parts to (like "Belle" in Beauty and the Beast), which I haven't felt for non-ballad songs in YEARS.

+ TIMOTHY OMUNDSON (King Richard) IS HYSTERICAL AND ADORABLE.  I've only ever seen him play Lassie in Psych and Cain in SPN, so I had no idea what his comedic range and singing were like (cause since he plays the "straight" man in Psych, his humor is mostly deadpan).  OH DEAR GOD HE IS HILARIOUS, AND HIS VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL, AND I JUST CANNOT STOP FLAILING OVER HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM.

+ The two female leads are fantastic (both the actors and the characters)!  I can't say much that isn't spoilery, but let's just say that they're both real go-getters.  Also, ONE OF THEM IS A WOC.

+ Galvant's squire, Sid, is funny and charming and black!  (And Lee Jordan in Harry Potter.)  Of the six main cast members, two of them are POC!  Lots of background characters are non-white!  This show actually has some diversity!  (It's the opposite of Frozen!)

+ Galavant himself is amusingly ridiculous and is also nice eye candy.

+ There are lots of amusing side characters, like Vinnie Jones' henchman and Richard's Cook.

+ The characters are surprisingly multi-dimensional (considering this show is a farce; John Stamos's knight is named Jean Hamm), and the plot is very promising in that regard, too.  It's a farce WITH LAYERS.  (LIKE AN OGRE.)

I SERIOUSLY CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOW ENOUGH.  It's farcical, it's self-aware, it's clever, it's hilarious, it's WONDERFUL!!

The season is only 8 half-hour episodes (it's playing over four weeks during the OUAT hiatus), so it's definitely not a big time commitment!
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