Alexandra (gryfndor_godess) wrote,

Trick or Treat Exchange Letter!

Hi Lovely Person,

This is my first exchange, so I am super excited!  Also, I apologize for the lateness of my letter!  Below the cut are some of my general likes/dislikes for the fandoms, fave ships, and some prompts if that helps at all, but please feel free to ignore if you have something else in mind!

SPN: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Meg Masters (demon), Kevin Tran, Jody Mills (fanfic/fanart)

General Things I Like: het, het mpreg, gen, ladies being awesome and/or dudes appreciating their awesomeness, whether romantically or platonically, Megstiel, Dean/Bela, Sam/Jess, Kevin/Tracy Bell, Kevin & Linda, Dean & Sam, Jody & Alex

General Things I Don’t Like: needless character bashing, misogyny, sexual violence, first person POV, graphic descriptions of violence

I haven’t seen most of S7 or the first half of S8, and I don’t intend to watch S10, so I would prefer nothing in those parts of canon (unless it's AU, like ghost!Kevin's adventures or Jody & Alex in S10).  However, if those particular time periods are your jam, I’m familiar enough that I could definitely cotton on.

Possible Prompts:
-Jody helps Alex adjust to normal life
-Sam & Jess on Halloween, either in the pilot or a previous year
-Ghost!Kevin and Linda try to find some semblance of normalcy
-Tracy Bell on a hunt with ghost!Kevin in tow
-Meg and Cas finally move some furniture
-Castiel tries to convince Meg to dress up for Halloween

Do Not Wants from my Sign-Up: noncon, Purgatory, Demon Dean, Destiel

TWD: Maggie Greene, Michonne, Glenn Rhee, Carol Peletier, Rick Grimes (fanfic/fanart)

To be honest, I’ve never read fanfic in this fandom before, so I’m a blank slate!  I adore Maggie/Glenn, I’m very intrigued by the possibility of Rick/Michonne (although please no Lori bashing, I loved her, too), I love Michonne & Carl, I’d love anything exploring Carol’s feelings in at any point in “The Grove” or afterward.  Since I’m not familiar with the fandom, I’m basically just excited to see anything!

BtVS: Anya Jenkins, Cordelia Chase (fanfic/fanart)

General Things I Like: Cordelia/Angel, Anya/Xander, Cordelia & Fred, Anya & Halfrek, female friendship in general.  I'd be interested in any point in canon, but if you went the Treat route I would also be A-okay with fluffy post-series AUs in which these magnificent women didn’t die.

Thank you for whatever awesome trick or treat you come up with! :)
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