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I got an anon message on Tumblr tonight asking me if I could recommend Bela/Dean fics.  Apparently I have posted enough Bela/Dean fic and/or ranted enough about them in tags that complete strangers (presumably) want my opinion?  I dunno, but it gave me warm, fuzzy feelings.  Which I needed when I realized that I could only think of FOUR fics to recommend.  FOUR.  Now granted, I don't check the AO3 tag religiously, but I do check the "Bela Talbot" Tumblr tag religiously.  *wibbles*  It is so strange to have gone from reading/writing a juggernaut ship like Spuffy to a teensy-tiny, not-even-remotely-canon ship like Bela/Dean.  There is so little out there, relatively speaking, and when I do find fic that's well written, the characterization is sometimes untenable, like Bela enjoying non-con b/c Dean is a Special Snowflake, which is disgusting to begin with but then you add in her backstory, and WHAT THE FUCK, WRITER.  *shudders*  I guess coming from Spuffy of all fandoms I should be used to problematic, non-con-related characterization (UNDERSTATEMENT), but Spuffy fandom was so much bigger that it was easier to ~cleanse the palate, so to speak.

Anyway, in case anyone here would like to see the fic recs I'm putting on Tumblr:

1. set out running (but i take my time) by electrumqueen.  It's a post-S5 fic in which demon!Bela has escaped from Hell and re-connected with a very broken Dean, and it's beautiful and poetic and extremely bittersweet.

2. had it coming by snickfic. This is a delicious, sexy drabble, and afterward you will mope despondently that it is only a drabble.

3. Opposition Research by victoria_p (musesfool).  This is a missing scene from "Red Sky At Morning" that explains how Bela nicked the hand of glory from Dean.  It's hot, it's in-character, and it's so plausible that it makes me gnash my teeth at the writers for not giving us a similar scene in canon (because seriously, if not during sex, how in the world did she get that hand out of his breast pocket).

4. unmistakably hers by sablize on AO3.  This is probably my very favorite Bela/Dean fic, partly because when I first read it, the characterization and scenario were so close to my daydreams that I felt like someone had read my mind and it had been written especially for me.  Bela is mysteriously resurrected and calls Dean for help, and he drops everything to go to her.  The reasons behind their sudden affinity aren't explicitly stated, but there are enough hints to draw conclusions, and the result is nervousness and tenderness in equal, perfect measure; this fic is just so very lovely.


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Jan. 4th, 2014 08:52 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm always looking for good Bela/Dean fics (or even Bela fics), so I'm so happy someone asked and you recced these. I can't wait for a chance to read them.
Jan. 4th, 2014 10:55 pm (UTC)
\O/ Hope you like them!
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